Agistment & Services


Set amongst over 2500 acres of prime Riverina country, our nutritious pastures sown down to lucerne, clover and ryegrass provide the backbone for optimal growth and reproduction, supplemented by a hand-fed diet to ensure a complete and balanced nutrient profile.  Fresh water is supplied by cement troughs to all paddocks which are double fenced and tree-lined with ample shade trees and shelter sheds.  


Kooringal places great emphasis on our pre and post natal care of mares.  Pregnant mares are kept in close proximity to fully floodlit foaling facilities to enable smooth transition of foaling mares.  Foaling is fully supervised around the clock by our experienced broodmare staff and assistance is available 24 hours a day from our on-farm veterinarian.  All foals are given extensive handling from birth using the highly successful Control-A-Foal harness.  Our handling lays the foundations for education in life as well as keeping foals socialised, friendly and calm during necessary procedures.  


Foals are weaned in a gradual, low-stress program into their existing lucerne, clover and rye pasture paddocks.  All foals receive two weeks of intensive education at weaning which is professionally managed by Peter Cowell from Conundrum Horse Handling, conducted in one our three sets of rubber-lined steel handling yards.  Peter has had an association with Kooringal for over 20 years.  


Yearlings are prepared for annual auction sales at Kooringal, undergoing a busy handling, exercise and conditioning schedule.  Individually tailored diet and exercise programs are planned for each yearling, with a combination of stabling, grooming, hand-walking, gradually incremented exercise on the walker and relaxing turn-out time.  Please contact us to discuss your yearling sale preparation requirements.  


With improved pastures and individually tailored spelling diets, Kooringal has ideal facilities for spelling horses.  Spelling race horses have the option for a full-time rest in a large 20-50 acre lucerne and clover paddock with two to three other horses, or combined paddock time and graduated exercise program on our large, 8-horse Irongate walker.  Our graduated exercise programs are ideally suited to horses that are having a long term spell from racing, or are being given an opportunity to develop after the breaking in process.  Typical regimens include a 90 day period with 60 days paddock rest and 30 days daily incremented exercise on the walker.  The horse is able to commence pre-training whilst staying in a relaxed paddock environment.  


Dr Andy Lamont Equine VetOne of the strengths of Kooringal Stud is its staff.  We have highly experienced on-site permanent staff as well as the benefits of family management.  Our staff have backgrounds in horse husbandry as well as Equine and Veterinary Science degrees who are highly knowledgeable and are dedicated to the health and safety of your breeding and racing stock.

Dr Andrew Lamont has established Riverina Equine Veterinary Services and is the resident veterinarian for Kooringal Stud, as well as providing ambulatory services for the district.  Andy specialises in equine reproduction and has gained significant breeding experience in practices in NSW, QLD and VIC, as well as Cambridge and Suffolk in the UK.